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Reduced Waste

Going green means...


The larger value go goinggreen relates to maintaining the health of the environment . Utilizing sustainable methods which can prevent the waste of natural resources, helping reduce the risk of depletion on the long run. Goinggreen can be as simple as making sure lights are turned off in unused offices-thus preventing the waste of electricity - or as elaborate as utilizing alternative forms of energy (i.e., solar or wind energy). In either case, the goal of making these changes is to preserve natural resources by using those that are sustainable, or by taking measures to reduce the amount consumed.

This is how were going to begin our 


Going green will improve the overall efficiency of our business. Reducing unnecessary waste can trim operating costs for the business, for example. Turning off lights in vacant offices can save energy, save on utility costs and increase the company's bottom line. Printing less cuts down on paper usage, and can lower the budget spent on printing materials. Refilling ink cartridges instead of throwing them away is another money-saving practice, since it saves money on the purchase of new cartridges, and it also reduces the amount of plastic thrown away from the cartridge and packaging. Encouraging the use of hybrid vehicles can also save money for employee mileage on fuel prices. 

Champaint777 teaches the children how to go green by asking fun questions and giving the chance for everyone to win prizes.