What is your refund policy, just in case?
Please note that we will happily refund your balance to cancel the party upto ten days before your scheduled party.  Deposits are non-refundable, and a credit will be issued, for cancellations before your scheduled party.  Unfortunately, 100% of your balance will be forfeited if you need to cancel within 2 days of your scheduled party.  We hope you will understand that there is just not enough time to schedule another event.

How do I pick a date and time?
Call us or send us an email and request a date. Ideally, we would like your request two weeks in advance of the party, because we try and update the calendar on a rolling weekly basis. The calendar fills up quickly, so email us as soon you can!

Weekend party times on Saturdays are between 10:00 am - 7 pm and Sundays only at 2:00 pm.  During the school year, weekday parties may be scheduled for after school programs and afternoon birthdays at most times depending on the availability of our artists.

How long does a party last?
Parties last for two hours.  You should come 30 minutes early to add any decor and to registar.  Our kid’s paintings are designed to take approximately an hour and a half, so there will be plenty of time for socializing and cake and ice cream!

If you would like an additional 30 minutes of socializing time, we are happy to accommodate.  The cost is $50 per additional 60 minutes.

Can we bring party food?
You may bring any food or drink you would like. Be sure to bring utensils, plates and paper goods. We only provide the painting supplies and cookies for those who are painting. (You may bring any food and non-alcoholic beverages if you would like for children’s parties.)

How do I choose a painting?
You may choose your painting from among any of the kid’s paintings offered by Champion paint in the kid selection part of out Gallery or even choose your own picture. If you do choose the painting it has to be chosen and approved by Champaint777 ten days before your scheduled party and sent to 904-864-0360.

We come to you! (904) 864-0360

Anything else I should know?
We would love to give the birthday girl or boy a t-shirt from us!  T-shirt can be picked out at your party.

We have a Spotify account if you would like to select your own music.

How much is the cost per child?
$25.00 per child. 

When is the balance due?
We ask that you pay before arrival but you may pay our invoice before the party begins.

What else do I need to do?
Please email the following information to us:

The name of your child and age they are turning

The theme/Favorite color of your party,
Your phone number,
The painting you have chosen
The estimated number of attendees and/or names and their general age group.

Can parents and siblings paint too?
ABSOLUTELY! The more the merrier. All adult painters are $35. There is no fee for children and parents who do not paint.

FAQ for Children Parties

Do I need to clean up?
We ask that you allow time to clean up food, drinks and party supplies. We will do the rest!

WHERE: The Potter's House Soul Food Bistro II at 9400 Atlantic Blvd, Jacksonville FL

9400WHEN: every Thursday of 2020!

TIME: 5:30 PM-8 PM

What should we wear?
We provide smocks/aprons, but recommend that you wear older, paint friendly party clothes.  Everyone WILL get paint on their hands at some point during the party! (so we'll bring soap)