​Before you call 904-864-0360 ..

  • ​Find the picture you wish to do in the Gallery or text a photo you would like for us to paint for your unique party to 904-864-0360!
  • Call and mention the number of guests and the time you would like us to start setting up. 
  • Book it!
  • Pay us a small deposit and the rest on arrival!                   

Here's how it works!!

Every artist was first an amature. Since day one we have proven that inside everyone is a master artist just waiting to escape. Champaint777, LLC, is a mobile art business located in Jacksonville, FL serving the community by providing creative education, entertainment, and social bonding.

Private & Public Paint Parties for everyone!

WHERE: The Potter's House Soul Food Bistro II at 9400 Atlantic Blvd, Jacksonville FL

9400WHEN: every Thursday of 2020!

TIME: 5:30 PM-8 PM

We come to you! (904) 864-0360